What does attendees think of IntraTeam Event Copenhagen

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Read what some of the former attendees at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen thinks about the event.

IntraTeam Event Copenhagen

Kenneth Abraham - MT Højgaard, Denmark

“The workshops were delivered by world-class presenters and were highly inspiring”.

Samuel Driessen – Entopic, Netherland

“Really enjoyed the conference. Good mix of topics and lots of lively discussion among the participants”.

Helle Helgren - DuPont Nutrition & Health, Denmark         

“One of the best intranet conferences for inspiration and networking about online internal communication”.

Carina Christensen - LEO Pharma, Denmark                   

“As always good, inspiring and energizing”.

Hans-Henrik Røhling - MT Højgaard, Denmark

”Get inspiration for your intranet and meet fellow co-workers”.

Ayesha Graves – FBS, United Kingdom       

“A fantastic event with excellent speakers. I came out of it full of ideas and inspiration”.

Helen Lippell – United Kingdom

“A brilliant way for anyone working on intranets, communications, enterprise search and knowledge management to learn from their pears”.

Arthur Turksma – Triptic, Netherland

“Mind blowing workshops on knowledge management. Required for top executives”.

Niels E. Wisth - NEW Productions AS, Norway

“Nice conference. I had a lot of take-aways from all of the exiting speakers and I met a lot of nice people”.

Perttu Tolvanen - North Patrol, Finland

“An excellent conference, very specialized to intranet. I really liked the atmosphere and the networking. The conference space was brilliant! I now know which European conference is the best one for intranet people in Finland also”.

Pedro Lopéz-Belmonte - RICHMONT INTERNATIONAL, Spain

"Great speakers providing a lot of insight and experience".

Jostein Listou - Helse Midt-Norge, Norway                     

"Just what I was looking for at this stage"

"Quote from Bob Dylan's 'Maggie's Farm': 'I've a head full of ideas that are driving me insane!' Can't wait to get to work!"

Salvo Photo 

Fabian Roosens – Baxter Healthcare, Sweden

"A must conference for anyone working in the field of internal communication or intranet".

Suzanne Salvo, Salvo Photo & Video                     

"Cutting edge info presented by top ranked speakers. Very worth the spend". 

Winnie Kongshaug - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark

"This year's conference proved a great value, with presentations, presenters and networking". 

Brian Lamb – Customer Carewords, United Kingdom

"Real intranet expertise". 

Kjell Åge Nilsen - Helse Midt-Norge, Norway

”Very inspiring. This was what I needed for my job further on”.

Phil Mennie – United Kingdom

"Excellent event with great international speakers". 

Jette Brandt – Coloplast, Denmark

“IntraTeam Event featured a great many relevant and practical sessions”. 

Salvo Photo 

Marcin Monko - European Training Foundation, Italy

“If you want to learn about, analyse and discuss real-life cases of digital internal communication, then this is the place to be”. 

Jostein Listou – Helse Midt-Norge, Norway          

“A very inspiring conference - right in the middle of what I need right now!”

Henrik Sunnefeldt, SKF Danmark, Denmark

“Right to the point on Enterprise Search”.

Jacob Kingo Jensen, Finanstilsynet, Denmark

“I found it both inspiring and educating, to listen to the speakers of this year’s IntraTeam Event”.

Angelika M. Fuernschlief - Shire Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

“IntraTeam Event in Copenhagen was very informative and inspiring. Both the topics and the speakers overall were impressive. I have gathered a lot of take-aways and met interesting people and am fully energized in Zurich with lots of new ideas and energy to push things forward”. 

Nina Sonne Nikolaisen – Cowi A/S, Denmark

”Fantastic days closely packed with exiting speakers”.

Gabriele Maltinti – SODEXO, France

"IntraTeam Event and the hospitality of the staff is of high level. I had a great time". 

Jens Hjøllund Sørensen - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark

“Still the leading intranet conference I DK!”.

Jacob Wenzel - Frederikshavn Municipality, Denmark        

“A good collection of intranet experts from around the world”. 

Marianne Teglhus Møller – Yousee A/S, Denmark

“Always gives new insights and inspiration for your future work with communication”. 

Marianne Justsen - Danske Bank, Denmark                   

“Nice to meet other people with the same challenges and interest. I have already got useful info from other participant and from Donna Papacosta”. 

Jane Nunnikhoven – Vancity, USA        

“IntraTeam Event was such a great experience! The team really put on a wonderful event -- very well organized, great sessions and lovely people!”

Nina Sonne Nikolaisen - COWI A/S, Denmark

“IntraTeam Event is the place to go to stay updated, be inspired and connect with other intranet professionals from DK and abroad”.

Guro Østbye - Skatteetaten, Norway

“Fantastic conference that covers every theme regarding intranets, technologies to use and what to do and not do”.

Toril Jarål - Skatteetaten, Norway

”Great to have place where intranet is being talked about – Paradise for intranet editors”.

Dorrit Ryd – Novo A/S, Denmark

“If you want to follow the latest trends on intranet and collaboration then participate in this event”.

Oliver Brunchmann – Radiometer A/S, Denmark

“I was only here for one day, but it was very inspiring and useful. I god about 10 pay of notes and I now follow new people on twitter”.

Birger Larsen - University of Aalborg, Denmark

“The intranet event of the year”.

See the programme here for IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2016 here.


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