Who will be responsible for the intranet in 3 years?

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17 out of 34 speakers at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2016 told us who they think will be responsible for the intranet in 3 years.  

You can read the answers below and your comments are appreciated.

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Neil Morgan, Richemont International: 

Human resources and Internal Communications. 

Virpi OinonenBusiness Goes Social:

I don’t know, but I hope not the communications people. Unless they learn to facilitate and not dictate.

Christian Carlsson, Grundfos:

Perhaps govern and kept in-line with company strategy by a group of fast changing and adopting intra-humans. However the rest of the responsibility is placed with the employees; the partners; multiple platform- and process owners; and so on.

Frank Sielaff, Merck:



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Hubert Turaj, EDISONDA:

Even with supersonic pace of changes that we are observing there still will be a person or a team responsible for internal communication. Since communication will become more and more two-way, communication team will probably be more like curators rather than good old-fashioned editors. But I believe that companies will want to hold control over what is happening inside.

Jeff FriedBA Insight:

Cross functional intranet teams will become the norm, with communications managers and IT participating but not driving the process. Increasingly the operations of intranets will be cloud-based or outsourced.

Lars ThostrupDanske Bank:

Collaboration between IT and Group Comm. More decentralized and better governance due to authority regulations.

Luis Suarez:

The employees themselves, as each of them will become their own CIO within the org. by bringing in their own computing environments, regardless of the mobile device. Organisations will only be taking care of granting access to the virtual work environment. Work then will no longer be a place, but a state of mind.

Marc D. AndersonSympraxis Consulting LLC:

Probably the same groups as now.

Ralf Larsson, Electrolux:

Key business stake holders and IT. 

Steve BynghallTwo Hives:

Still a small central team with feet in both communications and IT. 

Dennis AgusiPhilips:

Group communications will share responsibility about the intranet with HR and other enabling functions.

Jean-Luc Abelin, LAFARGE:

Internal communication. 

Richard GeraGlaxoSmithKline:

Likely still between IT, Comms and other key groups such as HR. 

Shaula Zanchi, Robin Partington & Partners:

Intranet Managers. 

Kevin AustinShell International:

Internal Communications will ultimately be responsible but I see that other groups such as collaboration and IT will drive innovation and change.

Hanna KarppiSkanska:

Digital Workplace Manager (communications, IT & HR together). 

Kaisa Hilden, Yleisradio:

In 3 years corporate communications is still in charge but responsibility on internal communication is more on employees. 

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