Facebook As A Company Intranet Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen

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Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about whether Facebook is a suitable platform for organizations to build a corporate intranet. The fact that most employees are already on Facebook, combined with the low pricepoint (aka Free) often leads fiscally-focused executives to make statements like “Why build an Intranet, we can just use Facebook.” To see some interesting opinions on the topic, I suggest you check out this thread on the WorldWide Intranet Challenge LinkedIn group.

If you have ever thought about building your organizational intranet on Facebook, I suggest you stop and take a moment to read the following paragraph:

Facebook has no interest in being your organizational Intranet. They don’t care about your privacy or your organizational Intellectual Property. Facebook cares about attracting as many visitors to their site each day as possible so they can increase their ad buy and make more money. They love to release security-flawed features to generate lots of buzz in the press, which generates more traffic and makes them more money.

So, let’s put this issue to rest, once and for all. Facebook is not a corporate Intranet platform. Facebook does not care about your business. Facebook doesn’t care about your employees. If you want to trust your organizational information and intellectual property to a company like Facebook, then please let me know so I can stay as far away from your stock and products as possible.


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