User Terms and Licence

  1. In order to gain user access to, a profile must be created. This requires (as a minimum) a valid e-mail address and selection of a username and a password. When the user profile has been created, the user can enter systems, suppliers, links, comments on content recommended by others and much more. A user is only allowed to have one user profile in his/her own name at
  2. IntraTeam A/S publishes all material at the internet domain according to the conditions of this Creative Commons Licence. This means that others than IntraTeam A/S are welcome to change or enhance the content without permission but that IntraTeam A/S and the user in question must be stated as the creator of the content. The content cannot be used in a commercial context. If in doubt, contact IntraTeam A/S at
  3. Having created a profile, the user gives IntraTeam A/S the right to employ the data entered by the user (eg. the recommendations and comments written by the user). Data can also be employed by and at as well as in other media, both print and digital, commercial as well as non-commercial. If a user does not want his/her data to be displayed to the commercial partners of IntraTeam A/S, the user must enter this at “My Site”.
  4. The user is always entitled to use what he/she has written at in other contexts and media than
  5. IntraTeam A/S cannot be held liable for what the user writes at The user is responsible for abiding by the current Danish laws when he/she writes reviews, comments and uploads screen dumps, pictures, etc. at It is thereby also the responsibility of the user that the copyrights of any third party are not violated eg. by offensive ”deep linking”, etc. We encourage all users to show good manners.
  6. The user is not allowed to use to advertise for suppliers or systems to which the user has an affiliation. The user may however write a review of suppliers and systems to which he/she is affiliated but it is considered polite to announce which affiliation he/she has to the supplier or the system. We refer to section 4 of the Danish Marketing Law according to which it is misleading practice to pass oneself as a consumer.  
  7. IntraTeam A/S reserves the right to delete a user’s profile as well as deleting or editing reviews, comments, blog posts, etc. if  IntraTeam A/S considers the content to be inappropriate, violating Danish laws or expressing bad style. IntraTeam A/S reserves the right to deny certain persons access to This applies to everyone so do behave, please :-)
  8. IntraTeam A/S cannot be held responsible for the use of usernames, passwords, etc. It is the responsibility of the user that this data remains private. The user’s crypted password, etc. is stored by IntraTeam A/S.
  9. IntraTeam A/S engages to never resell or pass on the user’s e-mail and other personal contact information to any third party.
  10. IntraTeam A/S publishes an electronic news letter regularly. The user can deselect this at or directly in the newsletter.
  11. IntraTeam A/S cannot be held responsible for the consequences of crashes or technical problems at
  12. IntraTeam A/S cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the content at
  13. If a user’s actions at violate the existing Danish laws or the rights of any third party, IntraTeam A/S can hand over relevant user data such as IP addresses to eg. the police.
  14. IntraTeam A/S is entitled to fully or partially sell and/or let out itself, its activities and its company which includes all material at
  15. As it appears several places in the user terms, the user is responsible for abiding by the Danish laws also including the rules in force on copyright, etc. The user is thus not allowed to violate the copy rights of IntraTeam A/S or any rights held by other users or third party. If in doubt, contact IntraTeam A/S at
  16. All users are obliged to observe the user terms. If you are generally in doubt as to the contents of and meaning of the user terms, please contact IntraTeam A/S at
  17. As regards the user terms, we refer to the applicable Danish laws except from the cases where the user terms deviate from this. Any legal disputes are subject to settlement according to Danish law and court practice, etc. and with venue in Denmark.
  18. The user terms are subject to change without notice. The applicable user terms are published at The user is responsible for staying informed of any and all revisions in the user terms. By creating a profile, the user engages to observe the applicable user terms at any time including any changes that have taken effect after the user has created his/her profile.
  19. IntraTeam A/S promises to work on giving the user the best experience focusing on content and usability. The objective is to give the user the possibility of getting the most out of the intranet and the many opportunities of the net.
  20. Thank you: As a user of you contribute to developing Denmark’s best intranet and web forum.

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