Stop the madness. Millenials are not aliens. You do not need to go on a course to learn how to relate to Next Gen people at work.

Neil Morgan @rasneil works at Richemont International – a group of companies with 30,000 employees across dozens of brands, including Cartier and Mont Blanc.

Which of the following scenarios is best?

Too many intranet ‘projects’ focus on the software and features.

There have been nine key points in my career, and not all of them were great.

Guest article from Sue Silcocks, discussing the KM aspects of intranets.

Guest article from Alex Roebuck of Invotra, highlighting the role of the intranet in hiring and retention.

Guest article from Martin Seibert, discussing upcoming assessment of the intranet landscape via ‘Intranet Compass’.

It’s such a simple rule, and sub-rule, that it’s shocking that more of us don’t stick to it.



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