Intranet Governance

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In my office, the company gives you cake. It’s a perfunctory cake but served up daily, it keeps employees reasonably happy and productive.

Truly global digital workplaces span continents and countries. They encompass a workforce divided across many business divisions and roles.

The intranet flounders, if not fails, when there is no clear ownership, or governance.

One of the most important elements of the Intranet Operating Model is accountabilit

Intranet governance is like the classic ‘blind men and the elephant’ story. Each one feels a different part of the elephant, and comes to a different conclusion.

Wedge has made a draft manifesto, to guide everyone who writes, publishes, comments, blogs, uploads or interacts with our new intranet system.

Af Anette Wittenberg, IntraTeam

Der har været mange historier om intranetredaktører, der undervurderer og nedprioriterer arbejdet med intranettet. Den intranetansvarlige har fået stillet pseudo-ressourcer til rådighed uden noget egentligt mandat i forhold til at kunne kræve arbejdsopgaverne løst. 

For all the talk on technology, particularly social and mobile technologies, an intranet is mostly people and process.



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