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It is not often that I recommend on my blog information to read that I believe is helpful and easy to read.  Today is an exception (not just because I played a very small part in its creation)

There are many ingredients that go into your recipe for how you can manage your intranet well.  Few organisations are excellent with how they manage their intranet.  Even fewer are prepar

Kommunikation har ansvaret for over 6 af 10 intranet i Danmark.

Iflg. en undersøgelse lavet op til dette års IntraTeam Event, så ligger ansvaret for intranettet i de større virksomheder i kommunikationsafdelingen. Er det optimalt?

Ansvaret for intranettet ligger primært i kommunikation og it, og hovedformålet for de fleste intranet er kommunikation og videndeling.

We noticed that many organisations we work with have good quality intranet content produced by the Communicates team, but as you get into the detail of their sites standards start to drop.

Wedge has made a draft manifesto, to guide everyone who writes, publishes, comments, blogs, uploads or interacts with our new intranet system.

If you have children in your life, you’ll be only too aware of the power of the question “Why?”.

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