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Too many intranet ‘projects’ focus on the software and features.

University ‘real world’ working environments are unique, often consisting of an overlapping blend of private and public-facing spaces, working practices and environments.

A practical, systematic approach to intranet governance. Every intranet manager would find value in going through this with their team.

Wedge has made a draft manifesto, to guide everyone who writes, publishes, comments, blogs, uploads or interacts with our new intranet system.

Governance. It is a word that commands respect. Perhaps this is why so many in the world of corporate communication shy away from it.

Many intranets don’t have a clear goal and strategy. Why? And why is an intranet goal and strategy important?

In this talk Samuel will share his experience with helping large organizations define their intranet strategy.

He will help you distinguish between a good and bad goal. And help you define a goal and strategy that successfully drives your intranet development.

Saying that intranet value is about how employees feel may seem counterintuitive — surely it is about sales, profits and customers.

Her er slides fra Wizdom konference 2015 om mit indlæg:
Værdien af et intranet er typisk svær at måle, og det kan give udfordringer både i forhold til
opbakning fra ledelsen og ejerskab. Som medie står intranettet dog over for forandringer, der bl.a.
kan ændre dette.
Hvilke visioner er der for intranettet? 
Hvilke forandringer står intranettet over for? 
Hvordan får du den livsnødvendige opbakning fra ledelsen til dit intranet eller digitale arbejdsplads? 

Hvor placerer du ejerskabet af den digitale arbejdsplads for at få størst udbytte af det?  

23% har ikke procedurer for at styre kapaciteten på SharePoint.

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