Programme for February 29, 2012

Topics covered this day:

Video, Communication, SocialCollaborationTrends & Future, Knowledge Management,
Benefits, Strategy, Mobile, SharePointAdoption, Digital workplace



Registration and breakfast

09:15 Room: Norway


Kurt Kragh Sørensen, Owner, IntraTeam A/S @IntraTeam


 09:25 Room: Finland


Track 1

Internal WebTV in the Rockwool Group - From Idea to Results

  • Hear why video is an important communication channel for reaching the companies strategic goals
  • Learn the do’s and dont's when it comes to internal video communication
  • Get inspiration for your own video site

Kif Frimodt, Senior Communications Consultant

Keywords: Video, Communication


09:25 Room: Norway


Track 2

Latest Trends in Collaboration and Social Computing Within Larger Enterprises

  • Large distributed enterprises have potentially the most to gain from collaboration and social tools, but also struggle with enterprise-wide implementations
  • This session will summarize recent thinking on how to create and execute a collaboration roadmap for large enterprises

Tony Byrne, President, Real Story Group

More about Tony Byrne: Twitter

Keywords: SocialCollaborationTrends & Future  


10:15 Room: Sweden

Networking break

10:30 Room: Finland


Track 1

Implementing a Standard Intranet Solution for SharePoint (Danish)

Instead of developing their own SharePoint solution, the Danish energy company OK chose the standard intranet solution for SharePoint, Wizdom intranet.

  • Implementing a new intranet: New content, new design, education of web editors, timeline for the implementation process
  • OK’s new intranet solution: Structure and management of the new intranet, reception of a new intranet in the organization, contributions from employees to the organization’s intranet
  • Pros and cons of OK’s intranet solution: Implementing a standard solution vs. developing your own solution

Jens Engelbrett, Project Manager - IT & Thue Sandgren Birk, Communication Associate, OK

Keywords: Strategy, SharePoint, Adoption


10:30 Room: Norway


Track 2

How to build a digital workplace

  • The lessons of the past – the EIP story
  • Understanding the present – the Apple story
  • Starting the journey – the Roche story
  • Envisioning the future – the Corning story

Martin White, Intranet Focus

More about Martin White: BlogpostsTwitter

Keywords: Trends & Future, Digital workplace, Mobile, Search, Social


11:20 Room: Sweden

Networking break


11:40 Room: Norway


Track 1

Supporting Professional Relationships & Knowledge Sharing (Danish)

Learn how the Municipality of Frederikshavn supports organizational knowledge sharing with "apps" within SharePoint in order to drive the strategic transformation towards a digitized Municipality providing multiple channels and services for the citizen.

See how Frederikshavn use ‘my sites’ and GetOrganized “apps” as central component for meetings, portfolio and project management in order to enforce proper and due reporting, knowledge sharing and streamlined processes – and how the possibilities can be extended to other both strategic and non-strategic areas.

Mogens Kahr, Head of Digitalisation and Welfare Technology, Frederikshavn Municipality

Keywords: SharePoint, Social, Collaboration, Digital workplace, Knowledge Management


11:40 Room: Finland


Track 2

Making the Business Case for Lively Intranet Communications

Intranets have come a long way, from glorified filing cabinets to benefit portals, but their value as a strategic communications channel is still largely under-valued. From the five-year plan to the latest corporate initiative, the intranet can be a highly effective tool for conveying the what, why and how of your business. In this session, Jim Ylisela will show you how to:

  • Convince executives to communicate authentically on the intranet
  • Connect communications to your business plan
  • Create forums for collaboration and idea generation
  • Use multimedia and social media to engage and motivate employees

Jim Ylisela, President, Duff Media Partners Inc.

More about Jim Ylisela: Twitter, see a video interview with Jim after his presentation at IntraTeam Event 2011. Jim is also known as the rewrite part of Write & Rewrite

Keywords: Benefits, Strategy, Communication


Note: This session was originally scheduled to be Jane McConnell: Digital Workplace Trends 2012. Jane have had to cancel but fortunately Martin White has stepped in


12:30 Room: Sweden

Lunch - Standing buffet


13:30 Room: All rooms


Track 1 + 2

Round Table Discussion

Discussions and knowledge sharing about current intranet and communication challenges among attendees.

The topics that will be discussed (more will follow) are:

Topic Led by
Usability and the digital workplace James Royal-Lawson
When an information portal becomes a business portal Delegate
Digital workplace: “What are the two things you need to know?” Sam Marshall
How can you benchmark your SharePoint solution? Ontolica/Surfray
Employee engagement and driving user adoption Jeff Willinger 
From an intranet to an integrated digital workplace with a little effort Netcompany
Audience research and planning to create a strategic comms plan for their intranets Jim Ylisela
Video on the intranet QBRICK
Search, Knowledge Management and Collaboration within the Enterprise Peter Wallqvist
Enterprise Search in intranet Microsoft
Q&A around Enterprise 2.0     Jérôme Colombe
Social computing based on SharePoint Webtop
Corporate Wikis Griet Johannsen
The Interaction between mobile units and SharePoint Proactive
Enterprise search trends 2012 Findwise
Mobile digital services for information workers – why, what and how Oscar Berg
Analytics on SharePoint 2010 Visionize
Enterprise Search Martin White
The business case for social intranets Sharon O’dea/Luke Mepham
Social dynamics on the intranet Oxygen Software


If you think a topic is missing or you wish to lead a discussion on a certain topic, let us know at


 14:20 Room: Norway


Track 1

Connect – Collaborate – Contribute: How to Switch to a Social Intranet

  • Revitalizing a fragmented intranet into an understood intranet ecosystem
  • Breaking silos when the intranet is as organic as the company
  • Stimulating internal crowd-sourcing to resolve or work around basic company needs
  • The Alcatel-Lucent journey: The 2.0 Communications Enablement – Intranet

Jérôme Colombe, Corporate Marketing-Communications,  Alcatel Lucent

More about Jérôme Colombe: Twitter

Keywords: SocialCollaborationVideo


14:20 Room: Finland


Track 2

What’s in it for me?

User Adoption & Employee Engagement Strategies for SharePoint Social Computing Projects

Overview: Discuss why many enterprise social computing projects miss the mark due to lack of employee engagement and low end-user adoption around SharePoint.

Key take-away: Provide a framework that drives employee engagement & end-user adoption enabling organizations to realize the full benefit of their enterprise social computing return on investment in SharePoint.

Jeff Willinger, Director of Social Computing, Intranets and Portals, Rightpoint

More about Jeff Willinger: Twitter

Keywords: SharePointAdoption, Social


15:10 Room: Sweden

Networking break


15:30 Room: Norway


Track 1 + 2

IntranetPrisen 2012

IntraTeam presents the award: IntranetPrisen.

The candidates for the award have made an exeptional effort to develop a well-functioning intranet or digital workplace that provides great value for the organisation.

The candidates are selected in December 2011 and their intranets or digital workplace will be benchmarked and rated by the users  in early 2012.

Read more about IntranetPrisen and how to participate here

Kurt Kragh Sørensen, IntraTeam

Keywords: Digital workplace


16:20 Room: Norway


Track 1 + 2

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Best European SharePoint Intranet Solution

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents their SharePoint solution, which won the award as the best SharePoint Intranet Solution at European SharePoint Community Awards 2012

Bernhard Nordentoft, Intranet manager, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Keywords: Digital workplace, SharePoint


17:00 Room: Sweden


Cocktail party


Keywords: Social, Networking



End of conference day 1



Network dinner

The network dinner will be at the Blue Elephant at the conference hotel. If you are participating at IntraTeam Event 2012, you can read more about the network dinners here (you need to log in).

If you wish to participate in the network dinners, contact André Jensen at

Registered participants only.

Keywords: Social, Networking





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