Programme for March 1, 2012

Topics covered this day:

Social, Collaboration, Trends & Future, Digital workplace, Mobile, Search, Knowledge Management, Governance, AdoptionAnalytics, Strategy, Benefits, SharePoint, IBM Connections



Registration and Breakfast

09:15 Room: Norway


Kurt Kragh Sørensen, Owner, IntraTeam A/S


 09:25 Room: Finland


Track 1

Social Banking - Implementing a Collaborative Intranet at SEB

  • Guiding principles of SEBs social intranet roll-out - collaboration can't be forced, changing a way of working takes time, leverage existing behaviour
  • Building a firm base - profiles, automatic log on, pictures, early adopters
  • Building on that base - profile lists, people search, integrated content, ambassadors
  • Going forward - creating an exceptional employee experience, more use of the API, mobile

James Royal-Lawson, Beantin webbkommunikation

More about James Royal-Lawson: Twitter

Keywords: Social, Collaboration, IBM Connections


09:25 Room: Norway


Track 2

Making the Intranet Mobile at the UK Houses of Parliament

  • Understanding user needs: We knew our traditional intranet didn’t meet the needs of our MPs, who are highly mobile, so we decided to develop a smartphone-optimised intranet aimed at MPs
  • Selecting content: How we selected which content to optimise for mobile, and what web-based applications to design
  • Delivering a mobile intranet project: How we developed, tested and launched the mobile intranet
  • Lessons learned
  • Impact: How our mobile intranet has improved communication and organisational effectiveness

One of the Intranet Innovation Award winners 2011

Sharon O'dea, The UK Houses of Parliament

More about Sharon O'dea:  BlogTwitter

Keywords: Mobile


10:15 Room: Foyer

Networking break

10:30 Room: Norway


Track 1

Why Traditional Intranets Fail Today's Knowledge Workers

With the current pace of change, organizations will have to be prepared for the unexpected. They will have to provide flexible access to people and information resources to serve unanticipated information needs whenever and wherever they occur. 

  • How traditional intranets fail to support knowledge work
  • The long tail of information needs and the cost of serving them
  • The role of user-generated content and social interaction in modern intranets
  • How social principles and mechanisms can help to serve the knowledge worker's information needs

Oscar Berg, Future Office Evangelist, Tieto

More about Oscar Berg: BlogpostsTwitter

Keywords: SocialKnowledge Management 


10:30 Room: Finland


Track 2

Universal Search and Social Networking

A dynamic, content and user driven approach to information access.

  • Moving from a classic static information environment to a search and user driven information access platform.
  • What to think about when providing search functionality on the Intranet.
  • Leveraging user contributions and Social Networking in the findability of information.
  • Putting both the Information and Users/Experts at the centre of search.
  • The emergence of sophisticated clustering and pattern matching functions in modern search systems.

Peter Wallqvist, Ravn Systems

More about Ravn Systems: Twitter

Keywords: Search, Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Social


11:20 Room: Foyer

Networking break


11:40 Room: Norway


Track 1

Shell Wiki – A Global Corporate Encyclopedia for Shell Specific Knowledge

Shell Wiki contains over 42,000 articles across a wide array of technical and non-technical topics authored by company employees. These articles provide a valuable knowledge base for learning and growing knowledge within the company.

This session will discuss Shell’s journey in using Shell Wiki to promote knowledge sharing across the enterprise.

Benefit from hearing how we have matured Shell Wiki to become a valuable knowledge resource for our employees. The presentation will cover governance, best practice and success factors, training requirements and challenges.

Griet Johannsen, Global Manager Learning Knowledge Sharing, Shell

Keywords: Governance, Adoption, Knowledge Management, Collaboration


11:40 Room: Finland


Track 2

Search Analytics in Practice

Kristian will talk about and show how Region Västra Götaland use search analytics to improve the search experience. A rather small investment in time and effort can really make a difference. You will get practical advice on what metrics to look at and what actions can be taken based on the analysis.

  • How to log search? And what metrics are interesting? 
  • What to do with all the data in the search log? 
  • How do we analyse search? 
  • Actions based on search analytics 
  • Dos and dont's?

Kristian Norling, former IT strategic department, Region Västra Götaland, now Findwise

More about Kristian Norling: Twitter

Keywords: AnalyticsSearch 


12:30 Room: Mama's & Papa's



13:30 Room: Norway


Track 1

Loving the Intranet: Re-thinking Employee Adoption

  • What role should adoption play in digital workplace strategy?
  • Why we need to move beyond “what’s in it for me” as a model for intranet adoption
  • The pros and cons of gamification and other reward mechanisms
  • Strategies for adoption and practical examples of change

Sam MarshallClearBox Consulting Ltd.

More about Sam Marshall: BlogsTwitter

Keywords: Adoption


13:30 Room: Finland


Track 2

Social SharePoint Intranet that Supports Company Strategy and Gives Return on Investment

  • How the intranet is aligned with company strategy
  • How embracing social features had an immediate and lasting effect on our culture 
  • Governance and moderation 
  • Benefits: Some stories about the ‘ROI’ type benefits and also the stories of positive employee experiences (new friends made etc) 
  • How sharepoint 2010 has changed things 
  • New social features – what’s working, what’s not 
  • A peek into the future

One of the Intranet Innovation Award winners 2011

Luke Mepham, Global Intranet Strategy & User Experience Manager, Aviva

More about Luke Mepham: Twitter

Keywords: StrategyGovernanceBenefitsSocialSharePoint


14:20 Room: Foyer

Networking break


14:40 Room: Finland


Track 1

Staff Skills Database - LinkedIn Integration

An essential element in any organisation’s success is the ability to quickly find the right person to talk to. Ask any group of managers if this is the case and most will enthusiastically say ‘yes.’ The problem managers face is that many are unaware of the options available to them to enhance the chances of finding these people.

Organisations therefore need strategies, techniques and tools to connect the people who need to know with those that know. In the past we relied solely on our personal networks and chance conversations.
Many realize that staff skills databases have a key role to play in successful knowledge management. However, a key success factor is to encourage employees to keep their profile up to date with experiences, skills past project etc.

Join this session an learn about a unique approach this problem in Lundbeck where the Intranet Employee Directory has been enriched with an integration to LinkedIn.

One of the Intranet Innovation Award winners 2011

Jesper Lauridsen, Microsoft Solutions Architect, Lundbeck

Keywords: Knowledge ManagementSharePoint


14:40 Room: Norway


Track 2

5 'Must Have' Principles for a Great Digital Workplace

  • Strategy: align your digital workplace strategy with your organisation’s overall strategy.
  • Engagement: stakeholders endorse your strategy and adopters embrace it enthusiastically.
  • Governance: consistent, relevant and appropriate to minimise risks and maximum benefits.
  • HR policies: encourage people to change their way of working that also benefits the organisation.
  • IT infrastructure: people have confidence they can use what they need, when they need to.

Mark Morrell, Intranet Pioneer

More about Mark Morrell: Blogs, Twitter

Keywords: Digital workplace, Governance, StrategySocial



End of Conference Day 2 and IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2012






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