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One of the on-going intranet debates is whether intranets have a role to play in supporting organisational culture.

Doing an evaluation of your intranet can be a difficult and seemingly daunting task. Research to be done, discussions to be had, comparisons to be made, reports to be written.

A lot of organisations are currently deploying SharePoint for their corporate intranet. And rightly so, as it’s a viable and potentially powerful solution for intranet needs.

Nearly a decade ago, we created the Intranet Roadmap — the first comprehensive methodology on how to design (or redesi

If I had five bucks for every time someone talked about ‘the Cloud’ in conjunction with intranet software, I would surely be able to fly our team off to Brazil to watch the World Cup fi

Lens.pngAbout a month ago, we started an

We noticed that many organisations we work with have good quality intranet content produced by the Communicates team, but as you get into the detail of their sites standards start to drop.

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