Intranet Governance

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Great intranets are not built from the bottom-up; they are not populist, user-driven systems.

It’s not hard to describe great intranets: content is well-written and up-to-date, information can be found easily, news flows regularly, and staff are provided with tools that help them in t

The Intranet Operating Model highlights the critical elements of governance that&nb

The average intranet is pathetic; it suffers from poor technology, awful, out-dated content, poor engagement, a terrible search engine, non-existent content governance, and a pathetic user experien

In my office, the company gives you cake. It’s a perfunctory cake but served up daily, it keeps employees reasonably happy and productive.

Truly global digital workplaces span continents and countries. They encompass a workforce divided across many business divisions and roles.

Intranet governance details the ownership model (who owns and manages it), and the rules for creating pages and content (roles and responsibilities, and policies); SharePoint intranet governan

The intranet flounders, if not fails, when there is no clear ownership, or governance.

In under 18 months, one of the most fundamental changes to the way businesses handle data — the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — will come into application.



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